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Incredible stories from the real world


Kathy Taylor


Kelly’s son, was involved in Growing With Gratitude at his school, in Adelaide, South Australia. Here is her story…

“We had a family friend who sadly committed suicide, due to depression. My 9 year old son asked me – will I get depressed  Mum? After a pause. He answered his own question – Don’t worry Mum, I know I’ll be fine because I am a Well-being Warrior.” (A Well-being Warrior is one of the Growing With Gratitude habits)

Parent, South Australia

“The Growing With Gratitude Program empower’s primary-school aged children with valuable tools and skills to help them lead healthy, successful and productive lives.

This contributes to the Education Department’s Wellbeing for Learning and Life Framework, which supports students to be more resilient and engage in positive experiences, form stronger friendships, be more optimistic and show increased self-esteem.”

John Gardner
Minister for Education
South Australia

John Gardner
Kathy Taylor

“The Adelaide Football Club community team has been taking the Growing with Gratitude program to schools across South Australia since 2015. The program centres on the ‘Five Habits of Happiness’ through both verbal and physical activities that are engaging for school children. Through our Growing with Gratitude program we are determined to provide as many South Australian children as possible with the tools and skills they need to lead healthy, successful and productive lives. We have found this program to be impactful in schools and loved by teachers across the State and are proud to deliver it in partnership with Ashley Manuel and the Growing with Gratitude team.”

Andrew Fagan
Adelaide Football Club, CEO

Kathy Taylor


“Mt. Tarcoola Primary School absolutely love Growing with Gratitude. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude changes the whole feel of our classrooms. It is amazing to witness how gratitude can transform a challenging day into a much calmer one.”.

Kathy Taylor
Teacher, Mt. Tarcoola Primary School
Western Australia


“We are so pleased to be onboard with Growing With Gratitude Sports. It’s a great tool for children and coaches and I can highly recommend all clubs get onboard too.”

Anthony Forby
President, SMOSH Westlakes Junior Football Club
South Australia

Kathy Taylor


“We love GWG. The opportunity to talk about tools on a regular basis is making a difference to the children in our community. It’s strange how we think that doing something like this once would work, when nothing else in education is taught once and assumed to be mastered. The more we read and understand people and children, the more we see the need to practice, repeat and have another go–especially in the good times.”

Anne-Marie Schmidt
Deputy Head of Junior campus P-6,
Prince of Peace Lutheran College


“We are loving the Growing With Gratitude program in our Reception class. I am teaching a lesson a week, then we use that topic for sharing time the following week. Children are also taking the lesson home and discussing it with their families. It’s also a lovely way to start our day every morning. Thank you so much for a wonderful program.”

Jessica Kotsoglous
Teacher Reception / Prep, Gawler East Primary School
South Australia

Kathy Taylor

GWG Sports

“We’ve taken on the Growing With Gratitude Sports Program for 2 reasons. We’ve recently started junior development academy to develop our players on field, but we feel it’s really important to develop the best possible people as well throughout the club and community, It’s as simple as that. We felt that the Growing With Gratitude Sports Program is the best fit for us.”

Bronte Hough
Director of Football, Nairne Bremer United Football Club
South Australia


We use the langugage of the habits of happiness across the school and to undertake regular positive reflection. Staff love its simplicity, 5 minutes 3-5 times a week.

Nicholas Smith
Deputy Head of Junior School
St. John’s Grammar School

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“Growing With Gratitude is
the best thing since
sliced bread.”

Helen – Pennington Primary School
South Australia 



“I can’t believe the change in my son. He has started to do things around the house without being told and he shows greater appreciation by using a lot more thank you’s!”

Zeljka, Mother
South Australia

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