Home Grown Gratitude” is a fun approach to embedding a deep culture of gratitude into the busiest of family homes.

You may have heard words such as gratitude, empathy, kindness, positive reflection, mindfulness, optimism, service, compassion, resilience happiness and joy.

But…you maybe be thinking how on earth do I teach these virtues/character strengths/habits to my children?

Our extensive research and planning has enabled us to serve you with a highly effective, fun, easy to use approach.

Hang on!

This isn’t just for my children. How could my life be different if I developed and practiced habits such as gratitude, kindness, empathy, compassion and service?

Could I:

  • be less depressed and anxious
  • have better relationships
  • be more more productive and creative
  • have better physical health
  • be more likely to be the first person to help others
  • cope better with stress and trauma
  • be more resilient
  • be friendlier and have solid social support


“The “Home Grown Gratitude” gives my girls the opportunity to understand not only what gratitude and being grateful is all about, but also to understand how lucky they are. Being involved in the has allowed them to stop and think about ways to reconnect as a whole through the simple step of being grateful and how a little bit of gratitude can change a persons day”. ~ Jan, Mother

My daughter and I have an intervention order against my ex-husband. Home Grown Gratitude couldn’t have been more perfect timing. Doing the Habits of Happiness activities cheer us up. Great for both of us really.” – J, Mother

“I can’t believe the change in my son. He has started to do things around the house without being told and he shows greater appreciation by using a lot more thank you’s!” – Zeljka, Mother

I am a huge fan of the Growing with Gratitude concept, and the team running it. The world, my generation included, seriously lacks the understanding of the powerful impact a simple task as being grateful can have. To stop everyday and be thankful for all the things we have, and do for each other, puts us all in a better place and brings great strength to our relationships, personal, & professional.” – Jamie, Beautiful wife Linda- 2 Sons -Matt 20 and Will 11

Here’s What You’ll Get:
  • Access to the Habits of Happiness Wheel Web APP
  • Habits of Happiness Wheel Supporting Resources
  • Growing With Gratitude Resource Library
  • Invite to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • + MORE

$100 Per year (BEST VALUE) or $10 Per month