An essential toolkit to help teachers and parents foster wellbeing in kids and teens 

In this book, you’ll find fun, practical activities and strategies to develop an attitude of gratitude: the positive mindset that kids and teens need to successfully weather ups and downs, successes and setbacks.

Growing with Gratitude outlines simple steps that you can start to action immediately, whether in the classroom, the whole school or at home. Drawing on over two decades of experience and research on how practicing gratitude leads to a happier, healthier life, author Ash Manuel shares how mindfulness and positive habits can benefit kids and teens of all ages.

  • Learn how to make time for wellbeing in an already busy day 
  • Understand the psychology behind positive habits 
  • Discover and share the five habits of happiness 
  • Engage kids with games, activities, and reflections 
  • Get tips to manage your own wellbeing  

It’s time to take action and teach the next generation the skills they need to navigate whatever life throws at them. This book is not just for times of crisis: it’s for growing a culture of gratitude that will give kids and teens the balance and stability they need every day.


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