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Entrepreneur On Fire

Listen as Ashley joins John Lee Dumas, founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire, where he interviews today’s most successful and inspiring Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. John’s podcast receives over 1 million listens per month from over 100 countries.


AussieEd Chat

This episode features Ashley Manuel. In the latest edition of the Tips series, Ashley discusses the Growing With Gratitude concept. It’s a great program for student wellbeing that encourages gratitude and happiness. Read more…


Inspiration 4 Teachers

How do classroom teachers successfully integrate positive psychology messages in a highly engaging manner?
Together Ashley and Kelly Long discuss simple and effective strategies to implement positive habits of wellbeing into your classroom. Click here to listen

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Rock Your Purpose Live

HOW DID This Crazy Idea Happen …
Are You Rocking Your Purpose? Watch Ashley share his story with Leah Hynes from RYPL. The interview title is: People Crazy Enough to Change The World. Click here to watch

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Adelaide Football Club

Thousands of South Australian school children will benefit from the Adelaide Football Club’s new health and well-being program.
Growing with Gratitude aims to help teachers, students and families develop habits of gratitude, kindness, mindfulness and happiness at home and in the classroom.
About 150 schools across metropolitan Adelaide have already registered for the sessions, which were developed by Adelaide primary school teacher Ashley Manuel. Read more…


Daily Telegraph

Adelaide Crows skipper Tex Walker is leading the charge as the club sweeps schools with a new health revolution.
Growing With Gratitude’s creator and  primary school teacher Ashley Manuel – aims to help teachers, students and families develop habits of gratitude, kindness, optimism, mindfulness and happiness at home and in the classroom. Read more…

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Service Minded Families

Ashley discusses with Nicole Lawrence the importance of planting the seeds of happiness during the primary years, cultivate the skills during primary school then harvest the benefits through high school and adulthood. Click here to listen

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Escape Velocity

Ty Harmon from the Escape Velocity Podcast interviews Ashley Manuel, a primary (elementary) school Physical Education teacher in Adelaide Australia about a program he’s created to help kids and families hone their awareness of the goodness around them.  His program is called “Growing with Gratitude” and while it focuses primarily on gratitude itself, it also accentuates the importance and benefits of happiness, mindfulness, kindness and optimism as well. Click here to listen