Project 365 By Campbell
This is Campbell. I met Campbell recently at the 2018 PESA Conference at Geelong Grammar School.
Campbell, his Mum and Dad and 7 brothers and sisters (2 more were at home) were walking around outside and I asked his Mum and Dad if they were teachers. Campbell’s mum Sonya replied, “Oh no definitely not (with good humour), Campbell is actually sharing his story at the Conference.”From here Campbell shared his story. Some of you may already know his story, but for those who don’t, it’s simply remarkable.Campbell founded a not for profit called Project 365 By Campbell. He personally hand makes teddy bears and delivers them to sick kids in hospital. Please click on the link to watch his story and share to everyone his message. Especially young people.
He has also created a campaign called PAUSE, REWIND, BE KIND. A series of short videos modelling kindness. Here are 2 videos you can play to your class / children.

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