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Author bio: Caroline is a health and wellness fanatic, who loves meditating and spreading its benefits via blogging online. She also likes to help parents devise daily routines so that they can take well-deserved breaks to focus on them and their well-being.
Our daily activates can sometimes be strenuous, exhausting and leave us feeling a little drained. For these reasons, it’s essential that we take some time to let go of stress, and relax in a session of deep meditation. Whether you take five minutes or 20, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you take some time out to melt away any negativity or tension that your body and mind are experiencing.

As parents and guardians, we know that our kids can sometimes be a handful. They’re bursting with energy, ideas and things they want to do. Then there’s our work life, which can provide an equal amount of effort from us both mentally and physically. If we don’t get into the habit of taking regular breaks, it all mounts up and comes out in a negative manner.

Relieving Daily Stress and Anxiety

Throughout the course of our regular day, we encounter numerous scenarios that could induce us with a sense of nervousness, anxiety and unneeded stress. If you don’t develop a focused awareness of your thoughts and the present moment, it can be difficult to control your reactions to help sooth an environment to resolve whatever may be going on. Meditation offers us the chance to enhance our focus and concentration skills through developing that much-needed awareness of presence.

Meditation calms brain waves, providing an experience of peacefulness, bliss and connection with the whole. In fact, there’s a lot of scientific research and data backing this effective tool for self-improvement, which has enabled it to take a permanent seat amongst the essentials for healthy living and overall well-being.

By using meditation as a tool and gateway into soothing and rewiring your brain for awareness and positivity, you can drastically reduce your anxiety and stress levels. Getting used to the idea that it’s ok and possible to take time out of your day to focus on you is a habit that must be accepted and practiced. There’s nothing selfish about it. In fact, you’ll find that your relationships improve due to your newfound awareness and ability to focus on the present moment.

Guided Meditation


Now that we’ve spoken about the benefits of taking breaks from your day to meditate, it’d be helpful to give you a few tips on how you can use meditation as a beginner or if you find yourself in an environment where it’s hard to focus. Guided meditations are very useful for newcomers as you simply follow the instructions given by the narrator or teacher.

Parents are always on the go, so it’s not always possible to attend classes, but it is possible to take five to 30 minutes away from whatever you’re doing. Given the time and circumstances, one of the most effective channels you can use to take advantage of guided meditation is YouTube.

YouTube hosts thousands of guided meditation videos. You’re not required to watch anything, but instead, listen to the audio and follow any instructions. You can search for videos related to moods, problems and issues you may be facing. It is important, however, that you protect your activity while on the go using YouTube. Without protection, you’ll be vulnerable to hackers, and since this is a special time for you to bathe in a blissful experience, it’s a good idea to take away all potential distractions that could create anxiety.

What is the role of meditation in your life? What are your thoughts on the matter? Leave us a comment in the section below.

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