For those who don’t know, over the past 6 months we’ve been working away with South African based, Cape Town Child Welfare Society, South Africa’s largest child welfare organisation. CTCWS promote the wellbeing of all children, predominantly those in poor socio-economic communities by protecting those in crisis and at risk, enhancing the capacity of families and communities to protect and develop their children.

At Growing With Gratitude we have customised a program, where the Social Workers will guide families in implementing gratitude, kindness, empathy, positive reflection and service practice in their homes. Full credit to the organisation, as they have modified GWG to be an intervention strategy to assist the Children and Families in their care. Traditionally, the strategy has been dealing with situations when they become a crisis. 

Recently, the team presented how Growing With Gratitude will be rolled out to the Social Workers at the Cape Town Child Welfare Society. A big shout out to Louise Bearman who facilitated the session. All reports it was brilliant.

A couple weekends ago the Cape Town Child Welfare Society held a big family day, where all the families participating in the Growing With Gratitude program came together to learn how to facilitate the program in their home.

Here are some photos from the family day!!!

You’ll see photos of children participating in GWG activities, role plays, Louise facilitating to families and other fun photos.

Growing With Gratitude in South Africa
Louise Bearman, a volunteer with the organisation deserves a lot of credit for her forward thinking and her relentless, never give up attitude to make change. Inspiring. The whole organisation deserves a lot of praise for understanding we can practice skills to develop the resilience muscle, hope and happiness, particularly through gratitude, kindness, empathy, mindfulness and serving others.
We will be sure to provide regular updates on the progress.

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