This post is an invite for children/students from all parts of the globe who would like to be featured in a Growing With Gratitude book.

Who wouldn’t like to be featured in a book?

Book Outline

  • 20 – 25 students aged between 5-12 will be featured in a book that teaches children the things that other children are grateful for in different parts of the world

What students will need to provide

(Preferably the student will be native to the Country they are in).

  • Name one material item they are grateful for (e.g. my bed) and one non material (e.g. family)
  • A photo of the student involved with one on the things they are grateful for.

Why the photo?

  • The purpose of the photo is for our illustrator. Our World class illustrator will draw the photo for the book
  • The original photo will be also used at the back of the book of a means to show these are real stories.

Relevant permission and information will be emailed once a student has been chosen by you to be featured.

Why The Book?

The idea of the book is so children from around the world gain an understanding of what other children are grateful for depending on where they live. Providing opportunities for children to make connections with similarities and differences. It also aims to give students hope of what can be achieved and for students to gain perspective of what others have depending on where they live in the world. 

This is an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity for a student to be featured in a book.

Could you please let me know ASAP if this is something you think would like to apply for. Be quick to respond as the 20 – 25 positions will be filled in a short time. The child’s name is not essential straight away, but the commitment to participate is.

Please email: [email protected] to register your interest on behalf of your child/student. Be quick.

Please share this post with families/schools who you think their children/students would like to be featured in a children’s book.

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