Is a great question to ask yourself at the start of each day.

Is there someone who seems flustered? They could benefit from a kind, calming voice.

Is there a new teacher to your school that could use a hand?

Sometimes starting at a new school or being a first year teacher can be overwhelming. This is where empathy plays a role. Think back to when you first started at a new school or started teaching for the very first time. You may have received help or you may not have received help, but you wished you did.

Try to adapt your thinking to your school/work setting and ask what can I do today to help a colleague?

At the end of the day ask your yourself or write down,what you did during the day to help a colleague?

What you may find is that when you start to intentionally help people, it will turn into a habit and you’ll help others without even thinking about. A truly powerful habit to form.

Please leave a comment below by stating what you did to help a colleague or what a colleague did to help you.

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