Appreciation and saying thank you is something quite simple, but it’s often overlooked the impact it can actually have on others. Particularly appreciation.

This week it was our focus with year 6/7s at Westbourne Park PS. Part of our 3rd of 4 sessions was spent writing thank you / gratitude letters.

Students chose from a variety of people to write their notes to.

Teachers, sports coaches, music teachers, friends & family members were amongst the recipients.

It was very nice and unexpected to personally receive 3. The words were very special (see the images).

While the 60 students and teachers wrote their letters, there was a sense of quiet appreciation in the room. The students were proud of being able to tell someone they were grateful for them in detail.

A highlight was when I turned around and 2 teachers were hugging each other. What had happened was Rachel a year 6/7 teacher wrote a gratitude letter to Sue (Assistant Principal). Sue was in the room watching our session. When she received the letter the emotion was evident.

The students each placed their letter in an envelop and were going to deliver it either by post or in person to the recipient.

I’d strongly encourage you to write a thank you / gratitude letter to someone you appreciate. It could be completed as a class activity or an individual activity you do yourself.

Here’s a guide to writing a gratitude letter:

  • what specifically are you grateful for
  • what the person did to help you
  • how it helped you to become the person you are

For maximum impact, be sure to deliver your letter 🙂

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