How do you get out of bed?

Do you get out of bed each morning dreading the day ahead?

Do you wake up thinking, “I can’t wait to whinge about…today”?

Do you find yourself whinging once you get into your day?

Are you focussed on that one thing you don’t want to do?

The number one thing is, it takes self-awareness that your thinking maybe leaning towards negative. Once you realise this, then you can consciously try to improve.


Example: Instead of saying to yourself; “I have to go to work today”. Say; “I get to go to work today”.

This subtle FLIP in thinking is powerful. When you say; “I get to…”

It is a reminder to you that you are lucky and thankful you have a job to go to, so you can support your family.

Many people will do anything to be in your position. Always be grateful for what you have no matter what your situation 🙂

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