Our Growing With Gratitude Primary School Wellbeing, Whole School Approach is available for the 2018 school year, both here in Australia and Overseas.

First and foremost we BUILD & PROTECT CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH. We do this by teaching children skills to overcome challenges and adversity. We focus on gratitude, kindness, empathy, optimism and mindfulness, the key building blocks to resilience and happiness, as the vehicle to teach these skills.

We also aim to improve on your students wellbeing even if you are already implementing strategies in your classroom and across your school.

Our whole school approach has been 3.5 years in the making. We have worked diligently with the University of South Australia, hundreds of thousands of students, hundred of teachers and a number of schools to bring schools and teachers what they want and have asked for.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far to this mammoth task.

How It Works

  • Each year level is given access to a collection of 10 lessons. Ideally the lessons are to be completed within a 10 week time frame. All lesson plans and templates have been created for the teachers convenience. We also have an assessment sheet to track the progress of students, as well as cool videos, posters and other resources to make it fun and easy for teachers. It is during this time frame the class teacher explicitly teaches positive habits covering gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism, empathy, resilience and happiness. Each year level features a slightly different focus. Across the 10 lessons is where the school is starting to building a culture of gratitude.

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  • To build a DEEP CULTURE OF GRATITUDE and to build and protect children’s mental health, we need to allow the students and ourselves time to consciously practice the positive habits so they become part of who we are. This is where the Daily Habits of Happiness Wheel comes into play. A web app, featuring a series of short 2-10 minute activities designed to cultivate gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism, empathy, resilience and happiness in a fun and engaging way. SPIN THE WHEEL!!! and whatever the number it lands on, is the Habit of Happiness activity the class does for that day. We have a Junior Primary, Primary and Family Wheel. We discovered in our research students find some of the well known gratitude activities BORING!!! Based off this feedback we have created the innovative Habits of Happiness Wheel to bring a fun, exciting and engaging element.

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We are excited to be able to provide schools, teachers, parents and students with a high quality evidence based resource that you have asked for.

It is super easy for schools and teachers to implement and at the same time changing or enhancing the culture of your school.

The 5 Most Outcomes:

  • Children learn to be more resilient, relaxed, less envious, happy memories and experience more good feelings during their lives
  • Children learn to experience better friendships, improved relationships, & more kindness.
  • Children are more optimistic, less self centred & materialistic, and increased self esteem
  • Children have increased energy, improved sleep, more likely to exercise and less sick
  • Children experience better academic achievement, improved decision making, increased productivity and better management skills

Here’s what principals  teachers, parents and the children are saying:

  • I have parents coming up to me and thanking me for instilling gratitude into our school. Thank you Ash Manuel for teaching us this valuable work.
    Robert Hoff – Principal Immanuel Primary
  • The “Growing With Gratitude” program gave my girls the opportunity to understand not only what gratitude and being grateful is all about, but also to understand how lucky they are.  Being involved in the program allowed them to stop and think about ways to reconnect as a whole throught eh simple step of being grateful and how a little bit of gratitude can change a persons day.
    Jan, Parent
  • It is great to have students focusing on well-being. Due to Growing With gratitude parents have made comments about seeing changes in behaviour.
    Brett, Grade 5 Teacher
  • I am a huge fan of the Growing with Gratitude concept, and the team running it. The world, my generation included, seriously lacks the understanding of the powerful impact a simple task as being grateful can have. To stop everyday and be thankful for all the things we have, and do for each other, puts us all in a better place and brings great strength to our relationships, personal, & professional. Jamie, Beautiful wife Linda- 2 Sons -Matt 20 and Will 11
  • My favourite part about Growing With Gratitude is reflecting on the positives from each day.
    Charlie, aged 7