What are TED Talks?


The vast majority of TED Talks are 18 minutes or less. TED’s tagline is IDEAS WORTH SPREADING.

Back to TED shortly.

Let’s talk about being happy.

We live in a world today that rivals the pace of the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt. There is nothing wrong with that. But…do you take the time to slow down and acknowledge all the wonderful things you have in life?

You are invited today, to slow down and be inspired by 3 brutally amazing TED talks on happiness.

Habits of Happiness – by Matthieu Ricard

Want to be Happy? Be Grateful – by David Steindl-Rast

The Surprising Science of Happiness – by Dan Gilbert

I want you guys to know Growing With Gratitude is about teaching children habits that cultivate happiness and resilience. Our tagline is BUILDING RESILIENCE & HAPPINESS FOR LIFE. We do this by teaching children positive habits based on gratitude, kindness, optimism, mindfulness and serving others.

You may notice the TED talk presenters talk about building habits.

When I truly understood the meaning of happiness, I experienced a huge shift in the way I looked at many aspects of life. I encourage you to take a small step today and watch at least one of the above TED talks on happiness. Not only that but take action on from your learnings. Even if it is only a small step.

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