When you achieve a goal, when you conquer a challenge do you feel happy?

I would anticipate the answer will be absolutely.

Achieving goals is very satisfying, whether they be personal, family, classroom or business.

I recently listened to the famous motivator/life coach Tony Robbins say “progress leads to happiness”. 

Tony Robbins has consulted and advised world leaders, royal family members, movie stars and sports stars.

What Does Progress Leads To Happiness Mean?

This got me thinking what does this mean for us as adults and what does it mean for children.

The more I think about it the more I concur with Tony Robbins.

Check out this awesome article – Tony Robbins – Progress.

Think about it.

When we grow, when we do things for others, when we move forward by achieving personal goals, when we challenge ourselves and achieve we are growing, therefore progressing and for the majority this makes us happy.

Encourage kids to keep moving forward by setting goals and working to achieve them and praise them for their effort as they strive to achieve. This could be in areas of life such as:

  • friendships
  • schoolwork
  • sport
  • family life

As parents and teachers we need to guide the way so children can keep progressing.

How do we do this?

Why not set family goals and classroom goals?

Family Goals

Examples of family goals:

  • Attempt a challenging hike
  • Volunteer together as a family
  • Attend a sporting event together
  • Take a family bike ride
  • Visit a tourist attraction together
  • Support a charity
  • Exercise together
  • Set fitness challenges

Classroom Goals

Examples of classroom goals:

  • Keep work area tidy
  • Give a classmate a compliment everyday
  • Set reading challenges
  • Set spelling challenges
  • 1 minute challenge
  • Complete an act of kindness per day

Achieving goals is a fun way to spend time bonding as a family and a fun way to create a goal orientated classroom.

Modelling progression is the perfect segue for children to learn habits of goal setting. It aligns with Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset theory.

People with a Growth Mindset ask questions, such as:

  • What are the opportunities for learning and growth today? 
  • What do I have to do to maintain and continue the growth? 

Goal setting is essential for growth, improvement and of course progression. Test it out for yourself. Do you feel progress leads to happiness in your life?

If you think your family and friends would benefit from this article feel free to share.

What family and classroom goals/challenges do you set?

It would be awesome to create a list of ideas for people to use.

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