Are you someone like myself who grew up when positive psychology wasn’t a recognised form of psychology? When you were at primary school, did you learn about positive habits? I know I certainly didn’t.

Over the past couple years I have done a lot of research into positive habits and how they can positively effect your children, as well as you as teachers and parents. In this post I want to pass on some of my knowledge so I can help you.

Are you now aware of positive psychology, but not sure the best way or how to teach positive habits to children/students or implement positive habits in your own life?

The past couple years I have dedicated a considerable chunk of time to learn about positive psychology, with a focus on positive habits. I would love to pass on some of my knowledge I developed during this time.

Before I point you in the right direction I would like to touch on why I created Growing With Gratitude.

In my early 30’s I came across a common theme that kept emerging when I was looking into how successful people became successful. Sports stars, wealthy property investors, successful business owners kept on saying the same thing. Happiness led to their success, and further more gratitude led to their happiness. A pattern had formed. Gratitude to led to their happiness and happiness led to their success. That was a massively, life changing discovery. What was even more exciting was the fact I learnt you can actually cultivate happiness and gratitude. Positive psychologists from around the world have created and tested activities that have been proven to improve happiness by intentionally practicing gratitude. I was quick to learn not only gratitude, but also you could cultivate kindness, optimism, mindfulness and serving others, all leading to happiness.

Learning such skills could be cultivated was a total game changer.

Are you annoyed these discoveries were not around when you were in primary school during the the 80’s/90’s?

I was very annoyed. I do not want this generation and future generations to miss out on the power of positive habits.

This is why I created Growing With Gratitude. I want to give teachers and parents a resource on how to teach children positive habits in a fun, easy to implement and engaging way.

Mental health issues is a major issue in children, teens and adults. If we can teach children positive habits from a young age, could this reduce the rate of mental health issues in Australia and around the world?

At Growing With Gratitude we have teamed up with the University of South Australia to research Growing With Gratitude’s impact on the world. We will continue to research and we aim to reduce mental health issues in children.

So where can you find the resources to help teach children positive habits at home and in the classroom. Home Grown Gratitude is where you can find the resources for the home and Teacher Tactics is the classroom resource.

Cultivating positive habits is as much for adults as it is for children. I started in my early 30’s and what I have cultivated has been life changing.

By intentionally practicing positive habits in our own lives and our students/children we together can create the next generation of grateful, happy and successful children.

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You are invited to share positive habits that you have found to be beneficial for you and your family by posting in the comments below.

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