Now that term 1 in Australia is complete, we thought it would be a great time to update everyone with what Growing With Gratitude got up to in term 1 in Australia.

Here is a brief snap shot:

We visited 56 primary schools across Australia in term 1. Within those 56 schools we

  • rolled out our online whole school approach gratitude program

  • ran staff workshops

  • presented at staff meetings
  • visited classrooms and ran lessons from our online whole school approach program

  • ran whole school presentations

  • presented at the National Positive Education Schools Association conference in Sydney


  • ran online teacher training

Our online teacher training enabled us to reach an additional 30 schools.

Term 2 promises to be just as big, if not bigger. We are beginning to hold parent evenings where we share how Growing With Gratitude works in the classroom and how parents can increase their own wellbeing, while supporting their children at home.

Our goal has always been to create the best possible resource for teachers to teach positive education in their classroom. We will continue to ensure we provide what teachers want through our research with University of South Australia and by interviewing school leaders, teachers, students and parents.

You can embed a deep culture of gratitude into your school here.

You can also embed a deep culture of gratitude into your family home here 
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