For a while now something truly powerful has been bubbling away quietly in the background.

However, over the past few days Suzanne Hall creator of BE Intent & Growing With Gratitude have been collaborating and working on something close to our hearts. Suzanne is based in New Zealand and she travelled to Adelaide where we are based at Growing With Gratitude, so we could put the final touches on the tool you’ve about to find out about.

We have created a measurable and real time technology tool specifically for teachers, school staff and principals we certainly haven’t forgotten about you. It’s called BE Intent Teachers.

The tool helps teachers, school staff and principals overcome the day to day challenges they face.

We have interviewed a number of teachers and school leaders and through this process we have identified the most common challenges teachers, school staff and principals face on a daily basis.

The tool is able to identify the gaps in a individuals wellbeing and through its algorithm (& soon to come artificial intelligence) can assist the teacher where they need the most support, plus much more…

We have also collaborated with some of the worlds best Positive Psychologists and Neuro-Scientists. Suzanne spent 12 months travelling the World interviewing experts such as Shawn Achor & Barbara Frederickson.

We are currently BETA testing the tool and will be available to all teachers, schools and organisations shortly.

OH!!! And we can measure the wellbeing of teachers, school staff and principals across an entire organisation such as Lutheran Education, Catholic EducationThe International BaccalaureateEnglish Schools Foundation, a State School System or a Principals Association.

We can also measure the wellbeing within a state/region and within an individual school. We can even go more specific. For example; take a primary school. We can measure the wellbeing of the junior primary teachers as a team, primary teachers, teachers who have been teaching 1 – 5 years, 5 years+, school leadership and non-teaching staff all as seperate teams or a combination of a number of teams.

An exciting part of the tool is workbooks. The workbooks include scripts for teachers to use when dealing with challenging situations, as well as giving them exercises to cope when such challenges arrive. Game changing for a 1st – 5 year teacher or a fatigued teacher.

Not only that you can include in the tool your schools or organisations existing documents/workbooks.

The tool has the ability for you as a school to customise to suit your needs.

The feedback we have received from school leaders and educational wellbeing leaders has been exceptional. Comments such “cutting edge”, “game changing”, “wow” have come from such people when demonstrating and explaining BE Intent Teachers.

The tool will be available for teachers as individuals, as a whole school or as a whole organisation. So, if your school doesn’t want to use BE Intent Teachers for its staff, you can still use it as a individual teacher.

If you feel your Principal or Leadership need to hear about BE Intent Teachers please email or comment below if you’d like further information.

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