Yesterday was the launch of the GWG Connected Teams and Leadership Workshop – Gratitude + 4 Pillars.

The participants are members of the Sports Turf Association – South Australia.

Members include Adelaide Oval and South Australian Cricket Association ground staff, local councils, school ground staff, consultants and suppliers.

The 3 hour workshop is based on the GWG Gratitude + 4 Pillars Framework. Gratitude + Positive Reflection, Empathy, Self-Awareness and Ownership.

A fun, interactive and powerful workshop that combines real life stories, reflection, practical activities and ideas participants can implement immediately in their teams and in their personal life.

Who’s the workshop for?
The workshop is for school leaders and staff and also corporate and work place leaders and teams.

If you’d like further info about the workshop, please email Ash –

“Hi Ash,
Was at your presentation today – at Karen Rolton. Just wanted to say thank you very much. Was fantastic, something men in particular don’t really think about too much I don’t think. Definitely will start putting some things into practice which you mentioned today.” ~ Alex, Prince Alfred College

“Hi Ash
Great to meet you today, and experience the message you bring to light.
Personally, thank you for reinforcing a couple of messages that helped me right there, right then. But from a bigger perspective, thank you for enlightening so many people…..never underestimate the impact you are having.
Keep up the great work.” ~ Daryl, Living Turf

If you’d like a poster copy of the GWG Gratitude + 4 Pillars – Framework and the Connected Teams description poster simply comment YES PLEASE and we will send through as a message:)

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