About Claire Adams: Claire is a personal and professional development expert, and a proud aunt of 5 precious, little gems. Being an aunt of 5 with a strong desire to have her own little darlings one day, she has  been quite immersed in the whole child care story and is quite familiar with the most common challenges parents are facing daily.


Let’s talk a bit about the wellbeing of children and their childhood, shall we? It seems that we are only focusing on education and their general health, that we forget how much this is important as well. It is said that childhood is what triggers all future traumas, and that is what shapes the future of the children, so it’s of the utmost importance that we do everything we can to ensure they have a pleasant one. Wellbeing includes good physical health, feelings of happiness, satisfaction and successful social functioning. Remember that all three of these things are equally important, and all it takes from us, parents, to do is focus on the right things. But how can we do this?

Playing with children

One of the most important things for any child is play, regardless of their age. Different age groups play differently, and it’s very important to know how they play and what is important for them at that specific time. Moreover, if we, as parents, have any opportunity to do this with our little ones, we should definitely get on that train, and allow them to take us into their world. Babies start to understand the world using play while looking at their parents for guidance and support. It’s safe to say that playing is one of the crucial things at this stage. As time passes by and children grow older, their way of playing changes, moving from playing with toys to playing pretend. Even though the times are rough and we simply might not have time to play with our kids, we can help them and encourage safe play in many ways. One option is by arranging safe places to play – some that our children will like. Furthermore, it’s very important not to schedule time for this, but rather let them play as much as they want.


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Helping them acquire social skills

As already mentioned, the time we have on our hands seems to be shorter and shorter, mostly because of all the obligations adulthood carries with it. That is why many times our children stay without any parents’ guidance, but rather with grandparents, nannies, or teachers at schools. Remember that this is also a very important time – it doesn’t matter that you’re not around, as this is the time your child starts acquiring basic social skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. This is why you should do your best to find a good childcare option that will provide your children with this. The process of finding a great place with great people such as the excellent Young Explorers Early Learning Centre should be your main priority. Being conscious about the importance of these moments and the development at this stage is something that will help your child tremendously in the future. So, don’t pout over the fact that you will have to leave your child alone – if you find the right centre and the right people, this is a great thing.

Talking about problems

Another way to give your child the best it can get is by simply talking to them. It doesn’t matter if they are toddlers, preschoolers or if they go to elementary school – each child has their own problems, and it’s very important to treat their problems as such. This way, you’ll be teaching them a moral lesson, teaching them about tolerance and how each problem is different and equally important. Not to mention that is also a way for them to gain certain social skills, as they will talk with you about something that they don’t talk with children their age.


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Encouraging children’s interests

It doesn’t matter how old they are, each kid has its own interests that grow and change as time goes by. They could start showing interest in a certain sport, instrument, art; and you as a parent have to do everything you can to encourage this. Even though you have a lot on your plate, finding time to enroll your child on an after-school activity they want is something that is very advisable. Not only will you be making them happy, you’ll also help them get around in different situations you’re not there for and make them respect authority figures other than yourself. You don’t want your future telling you how you hadn’t been supportive of their interests – no matter how they silly might seem to you, if these are important to your child, they should be important to you as well.

Making them feel proud

Last, but definitely not the least, is making them feel proud in all possible situations. Being very competitive never helped anyone, and you shouldn’t be that kind of a parent if your goal is your child’s wellbeing. Applaud at every good try, no matter if they succeed or fail. Be supportive, not pushy. Your kid will remember this, cherish it in the years to come, and hopefully pass it on to their children.

The wellbeing of your kids should be your number two priority (after their physical health, of course), so you should do anything you can to provide them with this. Either by playing with them, enrolling them on their favourite activities or talking – you’ll be making them happier and surely better and more tolerant people.

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