As we kick off 2020, it’s great timing to offer you the  7-Day Kindness Challenge resource. It can be a classroom or home activity, or even a staff challenge.

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We have heard of random acts of kindness, but there is also such a thing as planned acts of kindness.

I recently did this activity with a group of students and it was very effective in helping them see what they could do to be kind/helpful to others.

LESSON – 7-Day Kindness Challenge

  • The challenge involves students planning 7 days of acts of kindness and then carry them out.
  • Recap with students what it means to be kind. Record the appropriate answers on the Kindness is…template.
        • Caring
        • Helpful
        • Nice
        • Thinks of others
        • Considerate
        • Cooperative
  • Discuss with students examples of acts of kindness. Highlight acts of kindness do not have to be big things. For example:
        • Holding the door open for someone
        • Picking up litter without being asked
        • Asking someone to join a game
        • Taking out the rubbish, etc.

  • Also discuss doing acts of kindness is about doing it and not expecting anything in return.
  • On the 7-Day Kindness Challenge template, students plan out their 7-Days of kindness.
  • After the kindness act, students are to reflect on how it made them feel doing the act of kindness and if they did an act of kindness for someone how did the person receiving it feel?
  • Allow time for students to reflect on their acts of kindness. Use your teacher judgement of how that will look in your class setting.
  • At the completion of the challenge, discuss with students how they felt performing the kindness.
  • Encourage students to continue doing acts of kindness and highlight doing acts of kindness means expecting nothing in return.