Join A Committed Community. The Benefits Will Shock You.

Where do you go for help to try and find something or gain ideas.

Your answer maybe friends, family members or just google it.

I would like to share where I find the greatest value in receiving help.


Communities are formed when people come together with similar interest and the great thing about communities is the willingness to serve and help each other.

5 Benefits of Communities are:

  1. Creates and helps grow relationships
  2. Great for providing feedback
  3. Provides a sense of ownership
  4. Helps people solve problems
  5. A safe place to ask for help

Growing With Gratitude Facebook Community

We have started a Facebook community. This community is for teachers, parents and schools who are willing to participate in discussion and help each other in the space of primary school wellbeing. I invite you to join the Facebook Community here. The group will focus on:

  • Sharing activity ideas for in the classroom and at home
  • Answering teacher and parent questions
  • Sharing resources
  • Helping teachers and parents when they reach out for assistance
  • Helping to improve the Growing With Gratitude program

I would encourage everyone to join communities in a space where they feel they need help in, but at the same time can add value to others.

Please share in the comments the communities you are involved in and how they have helped you.

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