Are you unhappy?

Are you stressed?

Do you hear yourself saying?

“Where has this year gone? Christmas is only weeks away, I have so much to do”.

It can be a very stressful time.

What if you slowed down, took a deep breath and did something for someone, some people or something for a community?

What if you carried out this service with your family?

What if you carried out service with your class?

Or just for yourself?

How do you think you would feel?

Service is about doing things for other people or doing things for a community. It can be big or small, it can be planned or spur of the moment, it could be all day or only 30 seconds. It doesn’t matter. Why? Because you are making a positive difference to other people.

At Growing With Gratitude we have set you a challenge.

The 7 Day Family Service Challenge in December.


An awesome way to give back to people is by sharing the challenge with your family and friends. Why? Because they will also be able to experience the joy that serving others brings.

If you think someone you know will benefit the challenge click to share.

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