It is a concern.

Well I believe it’s a major concern.

What is it?

My concern is that children are learning bad habits from parents.

The concern I am referring to, is parents going out of their way to search for negatives and things to complain about. And I mean search, I mean really scrapping the barrel!

Ill share an example.

Recently a group of boys were having a great time at cricket practice. They were having fun, learning skills, enjoying each others company. A great environment for 11 year old boys to be in.

The boys were finishing the session with fielding practice.

Out strolls a notorious parent that complains, whinges and goes out of their way to search for anything to complain about.

True to the reputation the parent interrupted practice and told a boy they shouldn’t have the wicket keeping gloves on because they aren’t playing matches. Absolutely nothing to do with this parent what so ever.

The boy was quite upset and so was the mother of the boy as she witnessed what happened.

The other way to look at it:

“How good is this, everyone is having a bowl and a bat, the boys are having fun, this is awesome”.

Why do people go out of their way to search for things to complain about and actually create issues that are not even an issue?

  • Is it because this makes the person feel better about themselves?
  • Is it because they were brought up around negativity?

I am not sure, but what is a real concern is that this child is surrounded by negativity. What is likely to happen is they also will look for negatives in situations.

We know negativity has a negative impact on our lives. When we are negative we have:

But the benefits of positive thinking:

I wonder if negative parents ask their children questions such as;

  • What was your favourite part of the day?
  • What was a positive from the day?
  • What went well today?
  • What is something you could improve on tomorrow?

Asking such questions will train children’s minds to focus on positive things with the aim being children not even noticing the little negative things that pop up in a day.


I challenge parents to ask their children everyday for a week “What went well today?” or “What was your favourite part of the day?”

Try it for a week and then aim to make it a daily habit.

Focusing on negatives is no good for anyone. The research proves it.

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