There is a lot of hype around at the moment about Mindful Meditation and its benefits for children and adults.

Is this just a load of RAH RAH?


Mindful Meditation is a form of meditation designed to develop the skill of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion.

Meditation is widely known to be beneficial for adults. Children can also benefit from meditation in the following ways:

  • Fall asleep, especially when practiced before bedtime
  • Deal with grief and other difficult emotions
  • Fight disease
  • Release negative thoughts and behaviours
  • Get along better with others
  • Learn Kindness, generosity, acceptance and patience

Gopala Dasi is a mediation and yoga expert. We are extremely blessed to have Gopala write and record the Growing with Gratitude Mindfulness Meditation CD.

Gopala is a meditation and yoga teacher at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (ASMY).

I recently asked Gopala: Why is it important for children to meditate?

It is very important for children to meditate even more so today with the stresses many children are now facing.

 It is a fast paced society and children can easily feel overwhelmed and insecure. They can be overwhelmed by information overload and also feel some of the tension and the pressure that their parents maybe experiencing.

 It is so important for children at any age to have some quiet time each day if possible just to relax and meditate and be peaceful without the TV, the play station and the internet calling their attention. It is so important for their well-being and happiness that they have time to be thoughtful and reflective and meditation gives the added bonus of giving them a deep sense of peace within themselves so they will be stronger, happier individual.

We live in a noisy world that provides constant distraction and children are not immune to this. I love the point Gopala makes about children having quiet time each day.

The Growing with Gratitude Mindfulness Meditation CD was created with a relaxation and gratitude focus. Gopala’s expertise has made the CD into a valuable resource for families and teachers.

Do your children/students meditate?

In addition, here are 10 simple things you can do to teach mindfulness to your child/students.

Please leave a comment about the positive influence mediation has had on your child/students.

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