Are you a gossiper?

If yes, you gossiping can poison your child.

If you are honest with yourself you know areas of your life you can improve.

Is gossiping something you can improve/remove?

We have all done it.

I have developed strategies to catch myself doing it. I realised gossip is no good for anyone.

The majority of time gossip is negative, with no proof of what you are talking about is true. It can be hurtful and creates a negative environment and as time goes by people will catch on and not want to associate with you.

I see gossip in the same light as talking about others in a negative way behind their back.

Work places can often be the worst places for gossip.

From my experience gossip and negative talk about colleagues at workplaces including schools is quite bad. Parent morning and after school gossip sessions are a common exercise at many schools.

I wonder if gossipers realise that what you say about someone often gets back to the person you gossip about?

A football coach once told me, “when you are around other people and out in the public always talk UP the club and your teammates”.

You are bringing negativity to yourself and people around you.

Is kids hearing you gossip setting a good example? 







Well that’s up to you to decide, but in my opinion gossip is poisonous and this is how you gossiping can poison your child. The reason they look up to you and they will think gossip is okay.

It has a ripple effect into others lives and other areas of your own life.

A 2011 study shows that women can gossip up to 5 hours a day.

Men, we are not off the hook either.

A recent survey shows men are likely to gossip more than woman.

By writing about the negative nature of gossip, it is my aim to make people aware and to encourage parents, families and teachers to model positive discussion at home and at school.

My experience as a primary school teacher has taught me that a high percentage of behavior management is verbal bullying by putting down others and gossiping about others.

This raises a question.

Where do kids learn the habit of gossip?

2 things to try:

1.Be self aware

  • Consciously try and catch yourself gossiping, then STOP.
  • Acknowledge the fact you were gossiping and then move to a positive topic of conversation.
  • Doing this daily will help you change your bad habit of a gossiper

2.Change the subject

  • If you are in a conversation with someone who is starting to gossip or talk negatively about someone, change the subject.
  • If you don’t you will be caught by the poison and you will join the gossip lifestyle.

9 tips to help deal with negative people

The time you spend gossiping, exchange for positive conversation. You will add value to the people around you and yourself. Your children/students will follow your example.

A great question to ask. “If I start or participate in this conversation is it going to add value to me and the other people involved?”

This quote from Buddha sums it up perfectly: “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many.” -Buddha

I would love to know your thought on gossip.

Please leave a comment below.

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