6 Meaningful Questions to Get Your Child / Student to Elaborate.

Three days prior to writing this I was sitting in my office and I heard a parent ask their child, “how was your day?” Response “good” and that was the end of the conversation.

I had a little chuckle to myself. I do exactly the same if my Mum asks “how was your day?” My response 9 out of 10 times “good” and that’s it.

Why don’t we ask questions that get people thinking? Questions that need the recipient to think and reflect.

For example;

  • positive events from our day
  • acts of kindness that we witnessed or carried out ourselves
  • events from the day we were grateful for

Next time you are thinking about asking a child, students or anyone for that matter how their day was… Don’t.

Ask one, two, three, four, five or all 6 of these questions:

1.     Tell me about a positive event from your day?

2.    Tell me about something that happened today that you were grateful for?

3.    What acts of kindness did you see someone do today?

4.    Tell me about something kind you did today?

5.    What could have you tried harder at today?

6.    Tell me about a time today when you gave your best effort?

Questions such as these provide the opportunity for kids to:

  • focus on the good parts of their day, therefore not focusing on negative events.
  • scan their day to focus on the acts of kindness they carried out
  • reflect on other peoples acts of kindness across the day
  • reflect on the things around them they are grateful for
  • reflect on where they think they could give more effort and where they think they could improve

Asking questions such as these daily will help kids form positive habits.

Here’s the thing, if kids know they are going to be asked a question like the ones above they will want to create positive events in their day, they will want to share something they are grateful for, they will carry out kindness acts, they will observe how others perform acts of kindness and they will give their best effort.

Don’t just ask kids these questions, these are adult questions too, also great conversation starters around a dinner table.

Meaningful questions will create a world of grateful, kind and happy people.

Would love to discuss further, please leave a comment and please share any meaningful questions you ask your kids and other people.

Ashley Manuel

Chief Gratitude Officer