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Success of an individual begins with very small steps. What about infants? Their success begins with very small steps too, and toys are the first opportunity that they get to explore and understand the way things work. This is where their developmental growth starts. There are lots of toys that can help children boost their mental development, but one of the most useful is vehicles.

They encourage massive amount of psychological development during early childhood. But some parents often discourage their children playing with toys. According to research, playing games with toys is of paramount importance, and they should give some time to this activity during the day.

From high-tech remote control vehicles to traditional wooden wheeled toys, vehicles play a major role in developing your child’s mental and emotional skills and abilities. Let’s help you unfold some surprising developmental secrets of vehicles in raising your children.

Encourage Physical Development 

You may not have noticed it, but a wheeled toy can encourage movement in much better way than any other toy. Basically, children are growing and on the way to crawling. Toy vehicles can give them a fun reason to become more mobile and move all around. Additionally, when they move around with the vehicle, they are unintentionally able to boost balance, co-ordination, and motor skills.

Ride-on toys can also motivate a lot of leg movement, and make children’s leg muscles stronger. That’s just one of the reasons that parents love these toy cars and ride-on vehicles as much as their kids do. It’s also why even at toy stores like Good to Play that sell a lot of different types of toys, these vehicles are often the best sellers.

Learn Through Play 

It is true that children learn a lot through play. While it is fun for children to play with ride-on vehicles, and playing with toy cars, grabbing them from the top and wheeling them around, they are also continuously learning. They are the best option to make them understand the directions such as right and left, in and out, fast and slow, go and stop, on and off, smooth and bumpy, and forward and reverse. Not only this, children can also add new words to their vocabulary using the child-friendly features in the toy vehicle.

Promote a Sense of Exploration 

While toy vehicles can be played with indoors, ride-on toys are mostly enjoyed outdoors. When children explore the world outside the house, this can ultimately promote a sense of adventure and exploration. They get to see the world around them, covering more ground and wider space, when they are on the wheels. Also, they can learn new words and terminology when they explore the area. It helps develop their critical thinking process, as they encounter new things and try to understand them.

Foster Creativity 

Have you ever seen children making up things in their mind while playing? We all have seen that. This is, again, one of the surprising developmental secrets that makes vehicles good to play with for children. Children love making up stories and copying adults and thus they love having their own car like their mother or father. Vehicles help them create adventurous stories in their minds, and make them want to venture out.

So if you want to make sure that your children are comfortable with their surroundings, and you want to encourage the development of their critical thinking, vehicles are often the best toys to buy.