We published this article leading up to Christmas in 2016. It’s a perfect time to repost…


Have you considered how Christmas can be the perfect event to teach children gratitude and appreciation? 


You aren’t really sure how? 

Alison Balding from Babyology featured Growing With Gratitude on their blog. We go through how to teach gratitude and appreciation to children at Christmas.

How to teach gratitude and appreciation to children at Christmas…

“Hands up if you’ve ever watched your child open a gift from someone and felt nervous about how they will react if it isn’t something they were hoping for?

Children are unpredictable and often unaware of the cost or effort behind a present but there are simple ways we can begin to teach them about gratitude and appreciation.

Babyology recently reported on the valuable life lesson children can learn when they don’t always get what they want, especially when this year’s must-have Christmas gifts such as Hatchimals and the Nintendo Classic Mini are sold out.

Now an expert in mindfulness shares some simple steps to teaching our little ones about gratitude and appreciation at Christmas…”


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