When you are in a bad mood do your relationships suffer?

When you are in a bad mood are you less productive?

When you are in a bad mood do you find concentration a challenge?

When you are in a bad mood do you tend to let the little things get to you?

Let’s look at the other side…

When you are happy are your relationships great?

When you are happy are you productive?

When you are happy is your concentration at a higher level?

When you are happy do you tend to forget the little things that normally may annoy you?

What if I told you there are ways to change your mood from a bad mood to a good mood very quickly?

Would this have a positive impact on your class, your family and your own life?

Research tells us that when we are happy we experience:

  • Better relationships
  • Increased productivity
  • Better academic success
  • Less anxiety and depression

3 Ways To Change Your Mood

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Music
  3. Laughter

To change your mood from bad to good, exercise and music is a awesome way to get you back in a state of happiness.

I want to turn the focus to laughter. In a few minutes you can turn a bad mood into a good mood just by laughing.

Laughter Activity

The laughter activity I am going to share with you is perfect for the classroom or at home.

It’s simple.

Go onto YouTube, search for funny videos (appropriate) and watch it with your class, children or by yourself.

It will better your mood. Seriously.

I find this video funny. Feel free to try your Mood Changer activity with this video or search for your own.

Please share your experience with the laughter activity by commenting below.

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