I want to share with you a way to double your families happiness in December. We will get to that very soon.

Recently we launched the Growing With Gratitude 7 Days of Service Challenge in December. Starts December 12. You can REGISTER HERE.

Service has been a theme at Growing With Gratitude over the past few weeks. We have explored the benefits of serving others, the importance of teaching children to serve and you don’t always know the positive impact you have on people when you serve. Here are the past 3 articles on service…

You just don’t know…

How does service really impact others?

7 Days of Service Challenge 

I want to suggest a way to double your families happiness in December.

Serving others or serving in a community is an awesome thing for you to do and to teach your children. There is evidence that serving others increases our happiness and reduces stress.

Have you ever considered this?

Have you ever considered serving others in an area you are talented or passionate about or love doing?

How would you feel?

Would the happiness you feel be even greater if you are not only serving but serving by doing something you are passionate about and love doing?

You are loving what you do but also serving at the same time. A double happiness boost.

What if you were a passionate reader? Would you get more happiness serving the elderly by reading to them? Double whammy. Serving but also serving through your passion.

Growing With Gratitude is providing an opportunity for you and your family to serve in December. Join our challenge by registering here. And why not serve through what you love doing and what you are passionate about?

You and your family will feel:

  • happy
  • stress free
  • satisfied you have made a difference

Serve with us!

If you think someone you know will benefit from the challenge click to share.

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