When you are serving or giving to others, have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question. How does my service really impact others?

Do people really care?
Do they really appreciate it?
Do they feel bad about you doing something for them?

You may say to yourself:

  • “what is the point of giving to others if it’s not appreciated?”
  • “they don’t really care I mowed their lawn.”
  • “should I keep giving my time to help others, when I don’t receive anything back?”

People react differently when they receive an act of service or kindness. Some may feel a bit embarrassed and are not sure how to receive your service. But without showing they are grateful on the outside they are truly grateful on the  inside. They fee feel loved, they are filled with hope.

Others will just say thank you and you maybe looking for more.

People serve others for different reasons. Some people:

  • look for admiration from others and want to be recognised
  • want to slide under the radar as they are not looking for recognition, they simply want to serve others
  • find genuine happiness knowing they have made the slightest positive difference to someone

Where do you fit?

Please share this video with your students/children. Have a look at the reaction of these children who received shoe boxes filled with gifts. People may not show on the outside the joy they get from receiving a gift or being a recipient of service like these children. But you just don’t know the impact you have on people on the inside. How would you feel if you knew your service was creating this much happiness for people?


I would like to challenge people to keep giving, encourage and teach your children and students to give/serve others.


Because you just might change a life, you may give someone hope, you may show someone they are cared about. People may not give you the recognition you desire. If this is the case, I would suggest you change your why. Your why meaning, the reason you serve.

Teach your children/students you give to others without expecting anything in return. Teaching your children/students will remind you why we serve.

Last week we launched Growing With Gratitude’s 7 Day Service Challenge in December. The challenge is a perfect opportunity to serve as a family or as an individual. CLICK HERE to register and find out more about the challenge.

If you think someone you know will benefit the challenge click to share.

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