Do you feel your children could use gratitude in their life?

Would you like to embed a deep culture of gratitude into your home?

If you were asked what do you want for yourself, your partner and your children, I would anticipate the vast majority would say; “I want to be happy, I want my partner and my children to be happy”.

Right through my childhood and adulthood, through to the age of 32, I didn’t know you could cultivate happiness by practicing. But…

When I discovered you can train yourself to be happy, by doing activities based on gratitude, kindness, empathy, optimism, mindfulness and compassion thats when everything changed. By cultivating the mentioned skills, my resilience and happiness sky rocketed.

Through our study with the University of South Australia, a notable finding was that parents wanted to know how they could support their children when it came learning positive habits.

Due to this research and a desire for happiness in life, we have developed a tool for families called Home Grown Gratitude. We are excited to finally be able to serve families in a truly meaningful way.

If you are a school feel free to share the tool with your parents.

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