In 2020 what could GWG do to help you?

One of our main goals at Growing With Gratitude is to serve you as school leaders, teachers, support workers and as parents/caregivers the best we can.

To serve you best, we would love to hear from you…

What could we do in 2020 to serve you?

We love creating and giving away as many free digital resources as we can. For example, in 2019 we gave away such resources as:

  • GWG Gratitude Journal
  • Quote Display posters for the classroom, staff room, around your school, offices and home
  • Gratitude Wall Posters
  • Mini-e-books featuring ideas and activities
  • Lesson plans and the lesson resources
  • Plus other display posters

In 2020, would you like more of the above or do you have other ideas? Please don’t hold back with your ideas of what you want – we are here to serve.

Simply make a comment below with your ideas/suggestions or email Ash at