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What we do know is the No. 1 HOT TOPIC in schools at the moment is well-being of staff and students. With this in mind the future of education is in resilience / positive education.

You are and your colleagues are invited to the GROWING WITH GRATITUDE PREVIEW.  The information session is for principals, school leaders, well-being co-ordinators, pastoral care and teachers who want to embed a strong, robust positive education program in their classroom and across their whole school in 2022.

Growing With Gratitude has worked with over 800 schools in delivering a variety of programs designed to support and develop the mental well-being of students, staff and families. Programs include, workshops and in-class presentations, staff training, online programs for the classroom and other digital content.

Your school has the opportunity to become a Partnership School.

You are invited to register for the information session on Thursday August 12 at 4pm ACST (4.30pm AEST) – CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SPOT

The information session will be a combination of how GWG works and how you can become a partner, as well as showing you the best ways to implement a positive education program in your classrooms and across your whole school.

Further Info
Since 2014, Ash has been obsessed with helping schools set up their positive education / wellbeing programs. He will share what he and the GWG team have found works best.

You’ll discover the 4 step formula that teaches you how to execute your whole school well-being program and how at GWG we have listened to school leaders, teachers and students and put together a schools partnerships program based on what you’ve asked for.

If you’ve been searching for a way to shortcut the years of trial and error to embed a positive education program across your whole school and in your classrooms then this is absolutely a MUST ATTEND ONLINE MASTERCLASS!

You’ll Learn:

  • The 4 step formula that teaches you how to execute your whole school well-being program
  • How it looks in the classroom and around the school
  • The power of student lead well-being
  • A preview of how the GWG schools partnership works
  • And So Much More…

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