We live in a world of approx. 7.2 billion people, in which over 3 billion live below what is considered the poverty line.

By living in Australia, USA, UK and other developed countries we have been given a gift. We have been given an opportunity to achieve pretty much whatever we dream of.

The majority of us have access to food, water, shelter and education. Something we have been gifted because where we live.

If you live your life through gratitude and service you cannot go wrong.

When someone asks you: Are you grateful? The majority of you would say “yes”. But… do you practice being grateful?

Simply saying to yourself or others “I am grateful” is not enough.


When you consciously practice gratitude your brain is rewired and you will begin to automatically focus on all the things in your life you have to be grateful for. When challenging times come, your brain is trained to focus on all the things you have to be grateful for and you are able to put things in perspective or a different frame quicker and easier. This is a skill and it may not come easy at first, but with practice you may just notice the improvement it will make to your life.

Living a life of gratitude has many benefits for you and your children. Practicing gratitude can:

  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • improve relationships
  • result in better academic success
  • result in better jobs
  • children getting in less trouble
  • bring families and groups closer together

Where Do You Start?

STOP. THINK. APPRECIATE is one of our activities we teach in our school program and our upcoming family site.

As a family or as a class stick small coloured stickers/labels, on things you are grateful for/appreciate in your home or classroom. Focus on the smaller things that you may take for granted. For e.g. stick the labels on:

  • light switches
  • pens
  • computers
  • books
  • lunch box’s
  • Fridge
  • Water taps

The idea is the coloured label is a reminder of all the things in your home/classroom you are grateful for.

When you and your children notice the labels, you are encouraged to STOP, THINK & APPRECIATE the small things you have that billions of others do not.

You and your children are encouraged to focus on the labels when you are feeling down as a way to feel better or increase your happiness.

Feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to know how STOP. THINK. APPRECIATE has worked for you and your children.