Are you someone who is looking for different ways to help cultivate gratitude in your classroom or at home?

If you are, here is a very cool way to create a grateful classroom and home.

It’s called Gratitude Showdown 2016. It is a fun, quick and engaging way to help cultivate gratitude in your classroom and at home.

It is important to introduce the game with enthusiasm. Turning it into a challenge certainly helps.

Gratitude Showdown – How It Works

  • At any stage during the day in your classroom or at home call “GRATITUDE SHOWDOWN”
  • It is a 30 second activity
  • Team up with a classmate / family member
  • On “GO” you have 30 seconds, taking it in turns to see how many things you can say you are grateful for.

For example: 
Person 1 – “I am grateful for my shoes”
Person 2 – “I am grateful for having full use of my arms”
Back and forth, etc, etc for 30 seconds.

You can create a challenge by seeing which class or family pair can say the most and next time see if the pair can beat their last score.


Following the completion encourage classmates / family members to reflect back on what they are grateful for.

For example: Above. Person 1 said, “I am grateful for my shoes”. After the 30 seconds is up, person 2 would ask, “Why are you grateful for your shoes?” and vice versa.

The reflection is awesome for both involved. Person 1 is provided with the opportunity to express why they are grateful for (in this case) their shoes and person 2 is able to gain a perspective of why person 1 is grateful for their shoes. It maybe not why you think. The reflection is very powerful.

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