The   G R A T I T U D E   W A L L   poster set is a great way to practice gratitude in your classroom, staffroom or office. This time of year, there’s no better time to practice gratitude.

The idea is to create a GRATITUDE WALL by using the posters 🙂

On sticky notes, have your students, staff and yourself regularly add to the wall by writing what you are grateful for. You could try different things, for e.g:

  • The people in your life you are grateful for…
  • The things in your life you are grateful for…
  • The opportunities you are grateful for…

The bonus of a gratitude wall is that it’s in sight and can act as a reminder of the things you’re grateful for.

A great exercise is to revisit the wall once a week to read through the sticky notes.

Just like practicing a skill in a sport, this a way to practice gratitude.

If you’d like a poster set…

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