Empathy, Gratitude & Reframing Culture: Full Day Teacher Workshop
Adelaide August 27 –  One-day event with Growing With Gratitude & Driven From Within
You are invited to attend an essential Workshop for P-12 Teacher/Leader/Wellbeing Coordinator interested in improving school culture driven by empathy and gratitude.About this event

Have you ever felt challenged by how to implement a positive education / well-being program across your whole school? Or you feel it’s time to take your program to the next level? Or perhaps you are unsure where to start?

In term 3, there will not be a better time to start planning your program for 2022.

With everything that must be considered in the daily operation of a school, at times there are crucial aspects that slip off the radar. What we have found from the work that we do, is that one of those aspects, is the intentional design of School Culture. A culture built on a foundation of Empathy and Gratitude.

For too long schools have been contemplating whether or not to implement a whole school approach to wellbeing / positive education to build a sustainable robust culture.

Ash’s and Matt’s passion and expertise is in helping schools take action to embed a positive education curriculum and program that builds a sustainable culture.

The great news is, there is a process to do this crucial work and therefore ensure that it is not left to chance. The better news is, Growing with Gratitude and Driven from Within have teamed up to teach this process, so that you can implement it at your site.

What you’ll take away and learn:

  • The importance of the intentional design of “Culture”
  • Organisational growth is driven by personal growth.
  • A process to follow to build high performance teams.
  • The 4 step formula that teaches you how to execute your whole school wellbeing program
  • Practical activities to use with staff and students
  • An action plan that you can implement straight away

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Adelaide (August 27 – One-day event with Growing With Gratitude & Driven From Within)

If you have any questions feel free to email:  [email protected]

Oh and PS…We have a bonus for you

You’ll also receive teacher packs worth over $300 for all attendees. All participants will take away all presentations and material used in the one day conference, plus one year’s access to the Growing with Gratitude online membership site and each program participant will receive tools and documentation to assist in their development of a “Team and Organisational” Cultural Game Plan.

If you have any questions feel free to email:  [email protected]

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