Do you often find a clutter of dishes in the kitchen?

Is your desk at work cluttered with papers and other things that do not belong? (Mine is).

Is your classroom filled with unnecessary clutter?

Are you finding that clutter in your life causes stress? Whether it be in the classroom, at home or work.

It is fair to say we all lead busy lives and let’s be honest spending precious time cleaning and decluttering is not that fun.

This time would be better used doing something that makes you happy.

So how can you make this happen?

I was recently introduced to the 1 minute rule by happiness expert Gretchen Rubin. She explains, if it takes less than 1 minute to do, DO IT NOW! This allows us to remove clutter, prevent the build up of clutter, which leads to greater control in our lives.

When I heard Gretchen explain the 1 minute rule, instantly I thought of a number of things that take less than 1 minute that I put off. For example:

  • Leave a dish on the sink instead of placing in the dish washer
  • Coming home and leaving items at the front door, that could easily be stored
  • Leaving clothes on the floor, instead of putting away or placing in wash basket

The 3 examples above can be completed in less than 1 minute.

If not attended, the clutter can build up quickly, causing stress and more time required to declutter.

I challenge you to trial the minute rule for a week, with the intent to making it a habit.

I also challenge you to introduce your family to the 1 minute rule, especially your children.

Make the 1 minute rule a game by seeing what your children can achieve in the minute. Whether it be picking up clothes, packing dish washer, packing away toys, etc.

In the classroom similar challenges can be applied.

Teaching children the 1 minute rule not only will help you, but it will teach children a positive habit of responsibility.

Please leave a comment.

It will be awesome to hear about how the 1 minute rule has helped you, at home or in the classroom.