Have you ever stopped and thought about the opportunities you are presented with purely by where you live? 

Recently it hit me.

I would love to share my experience.

Living in Australia, USA and Europe, just to name a few destinations lends us opportunity.

Opportunity that the world has never seen before.

Living in Australia and having access to the powerful force of the Internet, I have the opportunity to achieve what I want to achieve. We also have the basics, such as access to clean drinking water, food, the majority are lucky to have shelter and access to health care.

These things provide us with the foundation for the opportunity to succeed.

Blessed with the basics, we are also blessed with ample opportunity to be who want to be.

For example:

  • If you want to be an accountant, you can get a degree from a University and then get a PHD if you want to go a step further academically.
  • If travel is your thing, you can travel the world and get paid for it. There are numerous opportunities through employees we work for or businesses you create yourself. You can run a business from anywhere in the world on a laptop.
  • You can serve people who may not have the opportunities we do. For example; give time or a little money to provide opportunities to people in developing countries.

It will not be given to you on a platter, but the opportunities are there if you want to put in the effort.

Food for thought:

  • Be grateful for all these opportunities we are presented with through where we live
  • Be grateful for these opportunities and go out there and achieve what you want to by making the most of all the resources
  • Remember millions and millions of people would do anything for the opportunities we have

You are also presented with the opportunity to serve others.

Have you ever stopped to think… I can change the life of someone in a powerful way.

At Growing With Gratitude we want to demonstrate to children and our “Generation G” community that you can change the lives of people by serving others. We are doing this by building a primary school in Ghana. You can help change the lives of children in Ghana here. 

The school will provide children with the opportunity to go to school who otherwise would not get the opportunity for an education.

Through our opportunities we can change the lives of people throughout the world. To me there isn’t anything more powerful.

Following on from my original questionHave you ever stopped to think about the opportunities you are presented with purely by where you live? 

Do you think it is essential we teach the children of today how lucky they are to have the opportunities they do because of where they live?

My thoughts. ABSOLUTELY.

I believe teaching children of today about these opportunities is vital.

Children need to understand it is a privilege to live where they do and it’s a luxury to have all the resources they have. The opportunities that awaits them is unlike any other era. They are blessed with the opportunity to achieve anything they wish and more importantly the opportunity to serve others and change the lives of people in a positive way.

Gratitude is the key!

By being grateful for the opportunities you have will help children realise they live in a country that has so many privileges and to help them understand this is not the same everywhere in the world.

I challenge people to take this opportunity and set about achieving what you want to achieve and go and do it. Live on your terms. Not do what you are not happy doing.

We live in a country that provides us with opportunity. Be grateful for that and go and achieve what will truly make you happy.

Show the way for your children and go and achieve what you have always wanted to.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.

Ashley Manuel
Chief Gratitude Officer