Do you believe children have a global perspective of gratitude?

Some will, I would say the majority won’t.

August 8 we posted a reason for our quest Growing With Gratitude’s Quest:
We are creating a movement around the world to build daily positive habits based on gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism and service in a fun and engaging way, so when children reach teenage years they are not going to suffer from teenage depression like many teenagers are currently experiencing.

A second reason is this:

A key component of our quest is so we can connect class’s from different parts of the world. For example: in 2016 we will see a primary school class in Kenya buddy up with a class in Australia.

Children will gain a global perspective of what fellow kids from around the world are grateful for. This is powerful as children will learn that kids may appreciate different things depending on where they live in the world. An authentic way for children to learn about the world around them.

How Will This Work?
We are currently working on an ebook template, where class’s can simply create an ebook featuring 1 thing each student is grateful for. A photo or drawing along with the text will be published in the ebook and then shared with a class in a different country.

It’s exciting and more on this is to come. If you are a teacher or know of a teacher or a school who would be interested, you can register for our free resource library. Further information will be coming your way.


The quest is to have primary schools/teachers from 50 different countries register as a Growing With Gratitude School.

The timeline? December 31st 2015.

August 8 we had schools and teachers from 21 countries register for Growing With Gratitude.

UPDATE – October 10, 2015

The number is 40. Yes, that is correct we have schools and teachers from 40 countries involved with growing With Gratitude.

Albania     Angola     Argentina     Armenia     Australia     Austria     British Virgin Islands     Brazil Bhutan      Canada     Chile     China     Columbia     Egypt     Fiji     France     Germany    Greece   Honduras     Hong Kong    India     Indonesia     Kenya     Malaysia     Mauritius     Mexico     New Zealand     Portugal     Romania     Spain    Switzerland     Thailand     Togo     UK     United Arab Emirates     USA     Venezuela     Vietnam     Uganda    Zambia 

I strongly recommend schools and teachers from all parts of the globe join the movement to build daily positive habits based on gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism and service in a fun and engaging way. We can prevent/reduce mental health issues in children by teaching our children these habits from as young an age as possible.

Join the movement by registering as a school, teacher or parent/family for our free resource library. Our library features awesome free resources to get you started.

Click to share with your teacher friends and family friends.

If you have any suggestions about how we can connect classroom’s we would love to hear. We are creating this for you so please let us know by leaving a comment or asking a question in the comments below.

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PPS: We currently have schools, teachers and families from 40 countries join the Growing With Gratitude community. Our quest is 50 by the end of 2015.

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