The great news?
We are here to support you as teachers. We want you to know you’re not alone and our aim is to work with you to help build grateful, empathetic, gritty, resilient and happy young people. A highly effective way to do this is through practise –  in-person workshops.

We are now taking GWG Workshop bookings for Term 3, 2020.

Given COVID-19 & other recent world events there could be know better time in a young persons life to learn skills gratitude and grit, skills that lead to greater resilience.


  • Student (whole year levels, multiple year levels, specific classes, etc.
  • Student Leadership (school leaders, i.e. sports captains, SRC, student voice, year level leaders, etc
  • “The Lads” Workshop for Boys
  • Staff
  • Parents

Topics include:

  • Empathy Practice – Activities designed to teach students to see things from others point of view.
  • Team Building Activities – Activities requiring students to work together
  • The skill of Reframing – Teaching students how to see things for a more positive point of view
  • Gratitude Practice – Appreciating others
  • Service – How to serve others practice
  • Grit Practice – Doing challenging things
  • How to be a Great Friend – Students are taught ways how they can be a great friend. Focus on being kind/helpful & empathetic
  • Ownership – Taking ownership of there own actions to make changes and improvements
  • Modelling – Demonstrating to the students how they can model the GWG habits to the younger students and how to use the login area, so they can teach the younger students in a pier to pier model.
  • Plus – Online resources to continue with for the year, as well as family resources (Home Grown Gratitude).


  • To teach people to be great citizens
  • Build & protect people’s mental wellbeing
  • To help overcome challenges and adversity
  • To learn emotional regulation / reframing skills

Workshops can be packaged and adapted.

“The presentation and activities were fun and engaging, supporting students to develop their leadership skills and the ability to be able to see things from others points of view, as well as developing self belief and ownership. 

Activities required students to work together, appreciate each other and focused on students developing skills so they can apply gratitude, kindness, empathy, positive reflection and service in their own life and around school.”

Trina Doig
Port Elliot Primary School

To book or any inquiries:
Ph: +61405188355

We will only be taking a limited number of booking for workshops in term 3, 2020. Be sure to book in fast to get your preferred date.

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