Last week we shared a quick and simple, but powerful activity to try…

We had such a wonderful response, we wanted to share another with you.

When someone performs an act of kindness for others it has a powerful ripple affect. Not only does the person who received the kindness feel great, but the person who created the kindness also bene ts. Scientists sometimes call this the ‘helper’s high’ because people who regularly practise kindness have increased levels of dopamine, the chemical that makes our brains feel good and helps us learn, and increased levels of oxytocin, the chemical that helps keep our hearts healthy.

So keep an eye out each day for small acts of kindness you can perform, whether it’s helping someone cross the road, taking out the rubbish at home, or congratulating a friend on something they did well.

You’ll not only feel great yourself, but you’ll help someone else feel great too. What a win-win!

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