I am Ashley Manuel founder/creator of Growing With Gratitude, a well-being program that teaches habits of happiness to primary school students, teachers and families in a fun innovative way.

In addition to this I am currently Head of Physical Education & Sport at Immanuel Primary School in Adelaide, South Australia, a highly regarded International Baccalaureate School, where I have served for the past 10 years.

I am blessed to mix with 560 children aged from 5-12 for 40 weeks of the year. It’s here where I have spent time getting to know kids of many personality types and backgrounds.

This Is My Blog.

It will focus on:

Gratitude and how it leads to happiness and success. It’s my mission to help teachers, parents/families and students develop habits of gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, optimism and happiness from an early age, with high quality content, resources and products. My aim is to help give your children/students the best possible start in life.

You will also read about service and how serving others changes peoples lives and the world. Growing With Gratitude practices service. We are currently raising money to build a Primary School in Ghana.

Teaching kids to serve others at a young age simply will spread to a world of giving people.

I will:

  • Share my stories of how daily positive habits have impacted my life
  • Write in response to articles and books I read
  • Create content based on what teachers, caregivers and families want

It’s my goal to add as much value to people as I possibly can.

In anything I read or listening to I try to adapt what I learn to my personal situation. I would love for you to the same when reading my blog.

I am also hear to serve, we want the Growing With Gratitude website to become a tribe/community that supports each other in the Primary School wellbeing space. We want to deliver what you want. Please provide feedback, suggestions and join conversations by commenting on blog posts.

I am also here to let you know as teachers and parents positive habits will change your life in the most positive way imaginable.

How do I know?

I lived it and learnt it and I am here to share with everyone what I have learnt.

My biggest discovery was a sense of disappointment, disappointment I wasn’t taught at School how positive habits can help us in life.

As a tribe let’s give our children/students and ourselves the opportunity to experience the power of positive habits.