Welcome to the 5th of our 5 part series on tips on how to cultivate gratitude in the classroom and at home.

Tip 1 featured creating a Gratitude Albumtip 2 Gratitude Buddy, tip 3 Gratitude Letter and tip 4 Cleaning Up With Gratitude

Gratitude Activity Series – Activity No. 5

Appreciation Chair

The Appreciation Chair activity is perfect for the classroom and at home.

Here is how it works.

Choose a chair and name it the “Appreciation Chair”. All students or family members take it in turns of sitting in the chair. Then family members or fellow students say positive things about the person, such as:

  • why you appreciate them
  • highlight acts of kindness the person has displayed recently
  • express gratitude towards that person
  • and any other positives you can give them

The Appreciation Chair activity has a 2 way positive affect.

  1. It makes the person in the chair feel amazing and it will encourage them to continue to perform acts of kindness, serve others, etc.
  2. The person delivering the praise feels great about making the person in the chair feel amazing.

Ways To Coordinate The Appreciation Chair Activity


  • Choose 1 student a day until every student has had a turn (pull names out of a hat)
  • All at once in small groups with 1 student in the chair at a time (groups of 4-5)
  • A variation could be to do in pairs for a quick brain break


  • Allocate the week, family appreciation week and spread the event across the week with one person in the chair per night
  • Allocate the night, family appreciate night and all family members have a turn in the chair all in the same night
  • As a family come up with your own way of conducting the Appreciation Chair activity

These are just a few ideas for teachers and families on how to facilitate the Appreciation Chair activity.

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