Welcome to the 4th of our 5 part series on tips on how to cultivate gratitude in the classroom and at home.

Tip 1 featured creating a Gratitude Albumtip 2 Gratitude Buddy and tip 3 Gratitude Letter.

Gratitude Activity Series – Activity No. 4

Cleaning Up With Gratitude

Cleaning up with gratitude is an activity for the home but definitely can be practiced in class.

Are you someone who dislikes cleaning/tidying up? Are you frustrated by constantly picking up after your children? Are you annoyed by things being moved around from where you placed them? Here is something that may just help when you feel this frustration. Here is how Cleaning Up With Gratitude works:

Example: Cleaning Bathroom

When cleaning the bathroom you maybe frustrated by a random toy in the bath, a wet towel dumped on the floor, splash marks on the mirror or half a tube of toothpaste spilt. When you experience this kind of frustration catch yourself and change your way of thinking. For example:

When I clean the bathroom I am grateful for:

  • My children, even though they are messy
  • Our towels we have to dry ourselves
  • Our tooth brushes and toothpaste we have to clean our teeth
  • Hot water we have to shower in
  • The toys my kids have have to play with

The grateful cleaning approach is adaptable to any cleaning/tidying up situation in the home and classroom. Obviously you are not going to deliberately throw things all around the house/class just so you can do a gratitude clean up. It’s for when you are frustrated and annoyed during cleaning.

The idea is to model and teach your children/students the activity as well. It’s another way to create a household/classroom of grateful people.

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