Welcome to the 3rd of our 5 part series on tips on how to cultivate gratitude in the classroom and at home.

Tip 1 featured creating a Gratitude Album and tip 2 Gratitude Buddy

Gratitude Activity Series – Activity No. 3

Gratitude Letter

The gratitude letter exercise is perfect for the whole family. It has been found to have a long lasting positive effect on peoples happiness. Dr Martin Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology reports in his book Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being the gratitude letter exercise resulted in people being happier and less depressed for a month following the delivery of the letter.

  • Think of three people who have had a positive influence in your life, or someone who you are really grateful for, and record them in your Gratitude Journal. They could be a member of your family, a work colleague/school friend, a current or past teacher, or someone else who has made a difference in your life.
  • Record who they are, and why the you are grateful for them.
  • Choose one of the people you listed in your journal and write a short letter to them expressing your gratitude and thanks.
  • Include:
    o What specifically you are grateful for.
    o What the person did to help you.
    o How it helped you to become the person you are.
  • The rewarding part is delivering the letter to the person:
    o If possible read the letter to the person and then hand it to them as a gift.
    o Alternatively you can put the letter in an envelope and personally deliver the letter for the person to read.
    o If none of these options are possible, mail the letter to the person.
  • Reflection:

    o How did it feel?
    o How did it feel delivering the letter?
    o How do you think the recipient felt receiving the letter?

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