About Claire Adams: Claire is a personal and professional development expert, and a proud aunt of 5 precious, little gems. Being an aunt of 5 with a strong desire to have her own little darlings one day, she has  been quite immersed in the whole child care story and is quite familiar with the most common challenges parents are facing daily.


Getting stuck in a rut is what we all let happen to us. We’re creatures of habit and unwillingly, we end up monotonously living our daily routines until we get fed up one day and feel deeply unhappy. This is normal, and there’s no need for despair, just some simple principles for taking action. One of the main ones definitely is not biting off more than you can chew. That means you shouldn’t do anything radical on your way to make a change. Every change is implemented slowly and step-by-step. So, let’s see some of the suggestions on how to start you off.

1. Like yourself better

Where does change begin? Usually on the outside, and then it works its way to the inside as well. That is what you should try, too. Find something you can do for the environment or volunteer at a shelter or anywhere needed. Make yourself useful to the community and you’ll see how soon you’ll feel better about yourself. You can also participate in a number of campaigns that raise money for children with cancer or without care. Opportunities to do great things are all around, we just need to see them and seize them.

Like yourself better – Photo by skeeze

2. Learn something new

Learning new things always make us feel great. Plus, if our new skill enables us to do something that helps other people, it’s amazing. For instance, taking up early childhood courses in Sydney can lead you to become an educator for children and what better job is there than shaping minds that are the future of our planet? Gaining new skills can be beneficial for both your career and other people and everyone should do it.

Learn something new – Photo by Pexels

3. Feel more comfortable in your skin

Accept some of your flaws. If you have a slightly bigger nose or a couple of pounds more than you should, try to find a way to live with that without complexes. If you cannot change the bad things, try to implement some new good ones. Start exercising, regardless of your figure, it will benefit both your body and your mind. Start by taking just 10 minutes for your workout and then as time goes by, increase the tempo and time until you feel better, and you definitely will.

4. Reconnect with people

Sometimes a rut includes always being in contact with the same people and that can be a part of the problem. It’s not that you should stop seeing them, but try reconnecting with some of your old friends or acquaintances. We all have people in our lives we find dear, but rarely see them or hear from them. Take some time to have coffee with some of them and you’ll see how a different type of conversation can feel good.

Reconnect with people – Photo by holiho

5. Be silly

Being an adult doesn’t mean being serious and responsible all the time. Nobody can (or should) do that. Yes, there are situations when you need to be a responsible adult. However, you need to find time to have fun and be silly and you need to understand that that behavior is OK. So, the next time you feel like everything is too much, just go out with friends or play some loud music and dance, jump, run, have fun and do it guilt-free for we’re all human and we need to unwind from time to time.

It’s all about the energy you send out to the world. If it’s good, you’ll get good in return. Be mindful of every moment and be grateful for everything you hold dear in your life. Always remind yourself of how happy and lucky you are to have an amazing family, wonderful friends and to live in such a beautiful place where nature is in such harmony.

We all have issues, but our attitude when facing these issues is what really counts. The way we treat others is a part of the energy we send. So, put on a brave face and tell yourself you can do it and be thankful for the challenge that has been placed upon you.

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