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Being a teacher is one of the most challenging, responsible and, unfortunately, most frustrating jobs. Teachers are supposed to awaken students’ interest in learning and developing and help them fulfil their potential as much as possible. More often than not, this noble task is not rewarded adequately, either in terms of respect, or finances. Still, most teachers still manage to find some motivation to persist and improve to the benefit of their students.

One of the methods for breaking the classroom routine is to change the environment, not only at the place of work but also outside it. That’s why more and more teachers are looking for employment opportunities in countries that are quite different from those of their origin. Though not all stories are successful, there are so many benefits that we can safely say this is an option worth considering. Why?

Personal development

Each time we leave our place of residence, we are forced to adapt. This means we have to face some unfamiliar situations and learn how to deal with them. Many habits and routines are no longer helpful, which suggests that we have to change them. In doing so, we test our limits and often end up pleasantly surprised with what we discover. Our confidence can go through the roof, which is very important for every individual, both privately and professionally. Learning a new language, customs and meeting people from different cultures enriches us like nothing else.

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Your new job may be a great mission

Teachers are known to have a great impact on the lives and careers of many young people. Who says that your mission is to spend your whole career in the same place, teaching the more-or-less same stuff to people who come from a background similar to yours? This is particularly true if you are a language teacher since your job is not restricted to teaching the language, but the culture as well. Imagine having an opportunity to use your knowledge and skills to teach in amazing Hong Kong, teaching respectable Monkey Tree ESL courses, for example? Not only would you be in one of the most cosmopolitan places on earth, but you’ll also have a great chance to affect lives of many kids who are at the same time very similar to those you’re used to, but also different because of their culture and upbringing.

Professional development

In order to get a job abroad, you may need to gain new qualifications and skills, which means you’ll need to work even harder for your professional development. The more you push yourself, the better professional you’ll be and this kind of challenge is perfect for those who don’t shy away from embracing opportunities. Just make sure you know exactly what the requirements are for employment abroad and start preparing well in advance. Your effort will surely be noticed by prospective employers, which will significantly increase your chances of landing your next job. Finally, having such experience looks great on your CV.

Living abroad improves character

Many people simply take too much for granted, especially those fortunate enough to be living in developed countries. On the other hand, those people, unfortunately, have a very narrow outlook about the world they live in. It’s only when you leave your comfort zone that you are learning and developing. Just like we expect our students to venture beyond their own comfort zones to experience new things, we should demand the same from ourselves.  Luckily, most teachers value life experiences very highly and are not afraid to take the plunge. They are also, more often than not, rewarded for their courage by learning so much from new experiences.

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Seeing the world

For many, the only way to travel around the globe and see the world is to travel on business. Teachers are no exception to this rule, which is why many of them try to combine professional and private challenges by accepting a job abroad. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an opportunity to see some remote places and spend some time there working when, chances are, you’d never visit them as a tourist during your holiday? Whether it’s Europe where you can visit so many different countries by travelling relatively short distances or Asia, which is the most rapidly developing continent, you’ll surely be treated to one of the most memorable experiences ever.

So, if you’re brave enough to go boldly where many have gone before, you might actually improve both as a teacher and person. There will be some obstacles along the way, but the reward is surely worth it. Otherwise, people would not be doing it for so long now.


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