I am excited to share with you 4 tips/recommendations that I have found to be super powerful in cultivating happiness in my life. It’s my hope, the recommendations will positively impact your life too.

1. Daily Habit Tip

Positive Reflection
Keep a note pad and pen by your bed and before sleep wrote down 3 positives from your day and 3 ways you added value to someone that day. Or share verbally with your partner.

Using brain scans a number of scientists have shown that reflecting on the positive things – rather than dwelling on the negative things that happen – can actually have a big effect on how your brain works on the inside.

Their studies show that when people spend time reflecting or meditating on a positive experience, their brains actually start opening new pathways and re-wiring themselves. Sounds unbelievable right?

Well it’s true. Regular positive reflection can physically change the way your brain works and can over time lower stress, help you sleep better, improve your health and help turn depression and anxiety around.

2. Recommended Reading

Feel The Fear…And Do It Anyway – By Susan Jeffers

In her brilliant book Susan Jeffers uses the tagline “Feel the fear and do it anyway… I’ll handle it”.

Inside you’ll find

• what we fear, and why

• how to move from casualty to maker

• the mystery of settling on no lose choices

• the indispensable 10-stage handle that helps you outtalk the negative chatterbox in your brain

• how to make all the more significance in your life

Thus significantly more!

With understanding and funniness, Dr. Jeffers demonstrates to you proper methodologies to end up effective even with your fears–and appreciate the delight of carrying on with an inventive, happy, adoring life.

3. Must Watch

The Power of Vulnerability – By Brene Brown (TED Talk)

Have you ever had self doubt and started to question yourself? Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Am I really worthy of success?
  • Who am I to try and make a positive impact in the world?
  • Who is going to listen to what I have to say?
  • Who am I to chase my dreams and live on my terms?

If this sounds like you, then you must watch this video. The talk is approaching 25 million views.

4. Highly Effective Exercise

The Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

If you are looking for the ultimate fat burning exercise look no further.

Recently I have focused my exercise around the two handed kettlebell swing (click on above link for technique). Tim Ferris, author of the 4-Hour Body and human guinea pig says this about two handed kettlebell swings:

“I did nothing more than one set of 75 swings one hour after a light, protein-rich breakfast, twice a week on Monday’s and Friday’s. In the beginning, I couldn’t complete 75 consecutive repetitions, so I did multiple sets with 60 seconds between until I totalled 75. Total swing time for the entire week was 10–20 minutes. I wasn’t trying to balance tequila shots on my butt cheeks. I wanted clear six-pack abs. In six weeks, I was at my lowest bodyfat percentage since 1999, and l’d reached my goal.” Tim Ferris

Please leave a comment below if you have a book recommendation, a daily habit tip or anything you think could be of benefit to people.

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